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Our 2021 Winners

The final round of the BRICS-Singapore Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held on 26 January 2022 through virtual pitching and physical deliberations. 

All finalists rose to the challenge and 6 teams prevailed and eventually emerged as the winning teams, walking away with a total of USD26,000 cash prizes!

Congratulations to our winners! 

BRICS-Singapore Entrepreneurship Competition Finals 2021
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Techssisted Surgical

Techssisted Surgical provides a robotic solution for microsurgery by performing real-time compensation of erroneous movement of the instrument tooltip caused by physiological hand tremor. Techssisted Surgical's innovative handheld microsurgery robot will improve the operation’s accuracy, reduce the risk of patients' complications, and enhance the surgeon's surgical experience, as well as minimize the impact of surgeon’s daily life, extend the high performance period of surgeon’s career.


Datakrew is a deep-tech company based out of Singapore with strong roots in Internet-of-Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Security. Datakrew enable large-scale secure IoT applications through data-driven Monitoring, Automation, Diagnostics and Security – MADS while ensuring military-grade data privacy and security.


A leading deep technology company that applies its proprietary microfluidics technology to develop custom-designed enzymes for cleaner and sustainable manufacturing of complex natural products. Allozymes’ interdisciplinary innovation enables 10x faster enzyme engineering with 200x higher chance of success compared to robotics which enables breakthrough development in a wide range of industries.

CBE Eco-Solutions

CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. provides the world's first, double-sustainable solution to recycle toxic industrial carbon waste into high-value products.

1. We recycle the carbon waste into high-value products instead of burning & landfill.

2. Our products have broad energy & environmental applications.

Latheacond Technologies

Latheacond Technologies is bringing patented innovation in constructing low-weight and low-cost vacuum enclosures. With R&D expertise built over a decade, Latheacond is poised to reduce food wastage in global cold supply chains by making large-scale vacuum storage and transportation of non-frozen foods economically viable.

Created as a spin-off from A*STAR, Latheacond is backed by grant funding from Temasek Foundation and Enterprise Singapore. The company is based in Singapore.


A one-stop cloud-based B2B e-procurement and sponsorship web and app platform connecting companies, non-profit organizations and school clubs to merchants to procure products and services at corporate discounts and in-kind sponsorship for events, programs and regular operations in Singapore. Savour! aims to empower SMEs, nonprofits and social enterprises with savings via digitalization while tackling food wastage and food insecurity at the same time.

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