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Frequently Asked Questions


Our team has no BRICS element. Are we treated differently or have less chance to win the prizes? 

No. All participants are evaluated using the same standards by 3rd party professional judge panel. BRICS extra benefits apply when your team is expanding to China.


Do we need to register our company in Singapore or in China to get the prize money if we win?

No. Participants compete fairly on business plan content and pitching performance. No other terms or conditions for the winning team to receive payment in a month after final event.  
However, to secure additional government grants, you will need to meet certain criteria including relocation and registration. 


How long do the winners need to wait to receive the prize money? 

Prize money will be disbursed within a month after the day of the final competition. 


Our team is not located in Singapore. How to participate in the competition?

Pre-screening and semi-final will be based on your pitch decks and BP write-up; final competition will be in a hybrid (online + offline) event venue where remote participants can pitch similarly.  


Will the government grant be applicable to the 6 prize winners only? 

No. The government grant will be available to all participating teams who have filled the full registration form with complete information. The grant will require a separate application and based on a separate evaluation procedure.  


How to get the maximum US$1.23 million grant?


There are some requirements to meet such as registration company in Xiamen, initial investment and operation activities within a year. Transfong team will contact you separately and provide necessary assistance.  

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